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One-off yacht-inspired Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith revealed

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  • April 15, 2016
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Rolls-Royce is no stranger to producing custom vehicles for its customers. It’s one of the few brands in the world that goes all out, each time it gets a unique request.

This time, an unnamed American customer requested for a Nautical-themed, yacht-inspired Wraith to be built for him and the British brand happily obliged, giving him just what he asked for.

Painted Arabian Blue, the vehicle sports an Orchid White roof that adds a little contrast. The two colours work well together, giving the design a perfect balance, instead of overpowering it.

Inside, a dashboard made from Santos Palisander and Tudor Oak, further reinforces the car’s theme of luxury yachts.

Unfortunately, the brand is unable to reveal the car’s price or the customer’s, for who the vehicle was made, name.

The idea of including elements inspired by yachts and boats on vehicles, is not new. In fact, numerous cars over the years have toyed with the idea.

Even Rolls-Royce, isn’t a stranger to the theme as only last year it has produced a Nautical Phantom for another customer.

According to the brand, a large number of its customers share an interest in boating, so we could be seeing more similar vehicles in the future.

Since Rolls-Royce is an extremely luxurious brand and yachts are often associated with luxury and money, it doesn’t come as a surprise that customers interested in the brand are also fans of yachts.

It’s great to see Rolls-Royce go all out and produce something truly unique for a customer. Not many brands would be able to pull it off, and to be completely honest, most wouldn’t even attempt it.

What do you think of the yacht-inspired Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith? Are you a fan? Tell us what you think in the comments below or alternatively drop us a quick line, sharing your thoughts.

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