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Ovik Crossway world’s strongest SUV

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  • January 5, 2016
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When it comes to extreme vehicles some are more impressive than others. Trying to mix functionality with appearance can often backfire, resulting in a really ugly vehicle being produced. It’s all about finding the right balance, which can be slightly difficult. Ovik Crossway is a vehicle that’s extreme, functional and somewhat aesthetically-pleasing.

The all-new 4×4 is set to go into service at a number of UK’s nuclear power stations later this year. The vehicle is basically an armoured box on wheels. It’s strong, it’s tough and it’s very heavy. The Ovik Crossway weighs a staggering 4,050kg and seats 9 people. Compared to the likes of Land Rover Defender, the Ovik Crossway is much tougher and heavier. It’s also way more extreme since it’s designed for civil defence.

The Crossway was built entirely from scratch by Ovik’s team consisting of 26 experts.

The Ovik Crossway is definitely the world’s strongest SUV. It’s designed to protect law-enforcement officers against things like bullets as well as the elements, read more.

According to those who had the pleasure of driving the Crossway, it offers a smooth driving experience, which is unusual for a vehicle of its kind.

The vehicle can also be customised. Numerous options such as four different wheel bases are available. Depending on the needs of the buyer, the Crossway can be adjusted and customised.

There’s no other vehicle that’s quite like the Ovik Crossway. Not even the Defender can compare to the vehicle’s power and strength.

If you’re a fan of extreme vehicles, the Ovik Crossway is definitely one to look at.