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Toyota Land Cruiser (J40)

There are thousands of different off-road vehicles out there for people to choose from however we can’t seem to agree on which one’s the best. Toyota Land Cruiser J40 keeps popping up as one of the most beloved off-road vehicles among enthusiasts, which is why we are going to find out what makes it so unique.

First introduced in 1960, the Toyota Land Cruiser (J40) instantly became a favourite among car enthusiasts. What made the 40 series stand out was its impressing size. Most of the vehicles from the 40 series were built as 2-door SUVs, which resulted in them being slightly larger than a Jeep CJ.

According to numerous sources, the Toyota Land Cruiser had excellent handling, which meant that it was able to overcome any obstacle placed in its path.

The engines in the J40 series changed numerous times over the years. For example the B series was a 4-cylinder diesel whereas the H series was a 6-cylinder diesel. Due to this many vehicles in the series shared some of the same engine parts whist certain models had nothing in common.

What made the Toyota Land Cruiser so special was the fact that both its roof and doors could be removed for a complete open-air experience. Unfortunately this wasn’t a feature in all countries as it is not legal in some countries.

The vehicle remained in production until 1984 (2001 in Brazil). Due to the great number of devoted J-series enthusiasts, Toyota still offers replacement parts for the series worldwide.

So is Toyota Land Cruiser (J40) the best off-road vehicle ever made? Perhaps, however since its production ended in early 1980’s, many much more impressive vehicles were produced.

There’s no denying that Toyota Land Cruiser (J40) is an impressive vehicle, perhaps even the best vehicle of its time, however due to all the advancements in technology, there are many better options available on the market today.