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Car Selling Advice – Where To Sell My Car?

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  • May 19, 2018
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Sell My Car

Selling your car is a big step. Unless of course you crashed it and it’s written off. There is also some sentimental value when selling your vehicle, and can be hard to let go. In today’s world, there are many  companies out there to help selling your car an easy process. Some of them which are half decent and offer a fair enough price. Whereas, others are going to give you a little as possible for your car. Although there are more options out there, as you can also sell your car privately. This is a time-consuming process and more complicated. So, in this article, I’m going to give you some advice about selling your car and where I would sell my car.

The companies out there that offer services to buy your car are mostly reliable. They will provide you with a price for your vehicle and if your car is as described, you will most likely get that price. Although you will not get as much as selling your car privately. These trade sellers will buy your car for market value, then sell it back at retail as you would expect. So, with my research, I’m going inform you about what I know about selling my car to the right company and some pros and cons of others.

Sell My Car


WeBuyAnyCar is one of the biggest car buyers in the UK and is well known. There are all of TV and online. These offer an excellent service for buying your car and will buy your vehicle no matter the condition. The only thing against this company is they will pay you as little as possible to get as much as they can in profit. Although even if the car is written off, they will make a profit from it by giving you scrap value. Not only will they give you a little as possible for your car but will also snatch another £80 off you in admin fees.

Pros: 100% Buy your car, Well known, Reliable, Easy to find and communicate, Cover finance

Cons: Admin fee, Will pay as little as possible.

Sell My Car


TrustedCarBuyers is another large car buyer in the UK. They have there own well-established website. There offer an excellent service for buying your car and will buy your old or new car. They also cover any outstanding finance on vehicles. All the staff are friendly, and the customer service is rather good and quick to get back to you. These guys are less of a hassle than many others.

Pros:  Reliable, Cover finance, No admin fee, Well known, Car collection

Cons: Branches are further to reach, Instant payment fee

Sell My Car


WeWantAnyCar is another car buying service. These are popular and are similar to WeBuy. These guys will buy your car but will try to take some money off you for slight damage on the car.   Although they have been around for a long time and are just as good. They offer a great service to buy your car quickly. These guys are good as they will pay you instantly with no fee.

Pros: Free instant payment, One of the first, Reliable, Easy to find, Good customer service.

Cons: Not many branches

Where to sell my car?

So, after looking at all these companies, there is no best one to pick. What I would recommend when I sell my car would be to shop around and take a look at what each of them offers. Find which is best for you. Have a look into each on giving them all a call but also take into considerations fees etc. These companies will make selling your car a natural process and will provide you with a fair price for it. However, if you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle try selling it privately, it is a bit more hassle and more time consuming but you will receive more money.