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Bosch reveals concept car with touch screen technology of the future

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  • January 6, 2016
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Bosch is a brand that’s already well known in the car industry. For years it has been providing in-car technology for some of the biggest manufacturers in the world. During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which is a technology focused event, the brand revealed its latest touchscreen technology.

The unique show car, which the company brought to the show, featured a ‘haptic’ touchscreen covering the whole dashboard. What makes it so special you might ask? Well, the touchscreen has physical feedback meaning you can feel the buttons as if they were actually there. Not only that, the touchscreen is capable of recognising the amount of pressure being applied to it therefore depending on how hard you press a button, a different function will be activated.

On top of the touchscreen, the company also revealed that it is currently working on an all-new autonomous parking technology, which we could be seen on our roads as early as 2018.

So what does a technology like this mean for drivers? Well, the possibilities are endless. Using a touchscreen instead of old school buttons could greatly improve how smooth we operate our vehicles. More focus could be placed on the road in front of the driver rather than the numerous buttons all over the dashboard.

The new technology isn’t all about the cool factor, it’s also about connectivity. It would allow cars to “talk” to each other, which could greatly improve road safety. If an accident occurred for example, the car involved could let all other vehicles in the area know about what happened.

We for one can’t wait to see the touch screen in action. According to sources, the technology could be on our roads within the next couple of years.

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