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TVR Cerbera

TVR Cerbera (1996-2003) – unique and powerful

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  • February 25, 2016
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Here at we are very passionate about unique and powerful cars and if you have been following our blog for a while, you’re already familiar with what we do. In case you’re new to our blog, read on and soon enough you’ll get the hang on things. It’s time for us to take a look at another fascinating car from the past. The car that we’ll be looking at today is the TVR Cerbera.

Introduced in 1996, two years after its debut at the 1994 Birmingham Motor Show, the 2-door coupe marked the start of a new chapter for the company.

The TVR Cerbera marked the brand’s first hard-top, its first 2+2 and its first vehicle powered by the brand’s very own engine.

Styling-wise, the vehicle was quite aesthetically-pleasing however it wasn’t the car’s appearance that made it stand out.

Powered by a 4.0-litre straight-6 DOHC 24v engine producing 350 hp (261 kW; 355 PS) at 6800 rpm, the base model of the TVR Cerbera was capable of reaching a top speed of 170 mph (270 km/h).

Numerous different engines were available for customers to choose from, with the most powerful one producing 440 hp and having a top speed of 193 mph (311 km/h).

Unlike the standard 2+2 design, the front passenger seat could slide farther forward, allowing additional leg room for one of the rear passengers. The carmaker often referred to this design as the 3+1.

Although the styling hasn’t changed much for the majority of the car’s production run, in 2000, the vehicle received a minor facelift. Its headlights were replaced as well as a number of other elements from the original.

Although the vehicle was officially discontinued in 2004, in 2006, the brand launched a new website, on which the “last” TVR Cerbera was auctioned off. This special edition Cerbera included a lot of extras and unique features that weren’t present on the original car.

Unfortunately the auction failed to meet expectations and the highest bid failed to meet the reserve price. The brand decided however, to go forward with the sale of the car and it was sold to the highest bidder for around £45,000.

The Cerbera was a fascinating car that looked great and offered a fantastic driving experience. Although it wasn’t as successful as it could’ve been, it remains a great example of a sports car done right.

Are you a fan of the Cerbera? Let us know your thoughts.

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