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McLaren and Roubaix race bike

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  • September 14, 2016
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McLaren and Specialized collaborate on Roubaix race bike

We all know what McLaren is capable of, having been in the industry for what seems like forever. The brand’s new venture however, is something completely out of the box. Yes, we are talking about the new Roubaix race bike.

If you’re familiar with McLaren and its vehicles, then you are already aware of what the brand is all about. Having produced numerous cars, some of which are considered iconic at this point, the brand certainly has established itself as a serious manufacturer.

After conquering the automotive world throughout the years, the brand is now branching out into other areas.

A partnership between McLaren and Specialized has resulted in the creation of the new Roubaix race bike. With McLaren bringing its carbon fibre and aerodynamic expertise to the mix, and Specialized providing its knowledge of bikes, this is one insane collaboration.

Roubaix is a one of a kind race bike, designed to be the most comfortable on the market. It comes equipped with a variety of exciting features, guaranteed to satisfy customers it is aimed at.

What makes the Roubaix great is the fact that it looks rather tame, considering just how much it offers. This could potentially be very misleading, until you learn more about what it’s capable of.

Perhaps race bikes aren’t as popular as cars, but it’s a great opportunity for McLaren to branch out and show the world what it can really achieve.

The bike is said to be priced around £7.5k, making it extremely high-end. Unless you’re a true bike enthusiast or are planning on using it professionally, it could be a little out of your budget.

Regardless, it’s an incredible piece of engineering, one that McLaren should be proud of adding to its ever-growing portfolio.

Before you go crazy searching “Where can I value my car?” in order to sell it and get the Roubaix, carefully consider whether a race bike is the right choice for you.

Sure, owning a bike can be very rewarding, but not when it’s 6 in the morning and it’s raining outside whilst you’re trying to beat the rush hour traffic.

What do you think about the Roubaix bike? Are you a fan or would you never spend £7.5k on a race bike? Tell us what you think and return shortly for more articles about awesome cars and their creators.

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