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Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla himself, has just confirmed that the brand is currently working on developing an all-electric Tesla pick-up truck.

Tesla has had an interesting couple of years. It went from being fairly unknown to dominating the market and becoming a household name in the short space of a few years. Not only did the brand introduce a number of extremely intriguing vehicles throughout that time, but it also revolutionised the way we view electric cars.

With so much exciting stuff happening, and the upcoming production of the Tesla Model 3, it’s hard to believe that the brand still has time to work on future models; however, that’s exactly what’s happening according to Elon Musk.

Rumours emerged earlier this week that Tesla was working on a small SUV and a pick-up truck. Although, they weren’t confirmed by the brand straightaway, in the end they turned out to be true, much to the surprise of the brand’s fans.

Even though no information about the upcoming pick-up truck has been revealed yet, we can probably expect it to bare a resemblance to the brand’s current line-up. All Tesla models share a similar aesthetic, one that makes the range feel a lot more uniform and cohesive.

On top of the announcement that a pick-up truck and a small SUV were on the way, Tesla also confirmed that it is building a bus, which should be ready sometime next year.

According to reports, Tesla is toying with autonomous technologies for the bus and a possible lorry; meaning, we can possible expect the brand to introduce driverless tech to some capacity in the future.

So far, the brand’s focus has stayed with electric vehicles, but knowing the brand’s investment in alternative powertrains, it’s very likely that it will expand its offerings in the near future.

For now though, the brand is very busy preparing for the production of the extremely popular Tesla Model 3, which enters production later this year.

It’s likely going to be another couple of years before any of the models in question are officially unveiled.

Are you a fan of Tesla? Would you buy an all-electric pick-up truck? Tell us what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to return soon for more articles about awesome vehilces.

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