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Mercedes-AMG A 45

Mercedes-AMG A 45 2018 Edition

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  • December 1, 2017
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Mercedes-AMG A 45

The next-gen Mercedes-AMG A 45 soon to be released with over 400bhp and an all-new design.Mercedes-AMG A 45

The next Mercedes-AMG A 45 will once again be the returning worlds most potent hot hatch. Therefore taking the crown from the 394bhp Audi RS 3 when it launches at the end of 2018.Mercedes has seen significant success with the current 376bhp version of the AMG A 45. That its importance has meant the AMG boss, and his team of engineers have been given the green light to create an entirely new vehicle.Mercedes have started production in the next generation and gave the engineers specific instructions for starting with a new sheet completely fresh.

The current existing Mercedes-AMG A 45 was initially the most powerful hot hatch in the world. Inside with the 2 litre V4 turbo producing 355bhp when launching. Then boost shortly after rising it to 376bhp output. However, the owners have hinted that the new A 45 will be even more powerful supposedly to be over 400bhp. The next model of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 will stick with the four-wheel-drive and dual-clutch gearbox powertrain like with the current model. The boss has also conceded that the most extreme edition of the A-class could leave space in the range for a slightly more moderate AMG model. This similar to the same way as the V8 powered C63 AMG which has been joined by the V6 C 43.

Mercedes-AMG A 45 latest detailsMercedes-AMG A 45

Mercedes believe that the 43 AMGs were a different segment, which is a sports segment with people from Audi and BMW. The gap which is only in the US between C 400 and C 63 was huge, regarding performance and driving dynamics, so Mercedes noticed a space there. The people at Mercedes questioned about if there is a similarly useful of space between the 250 and the next edition AMG A 45 and responded with a possibility. A more prudent Mercedes A-Class would give Mercedes a rival for the Audi S3 and BMW new 1 series which is the m140i. This has 335bhp. Mercedes believes that the Mercedes-AMG A 45 provides volume and that the size is important for our future.

The A-Class works well for Mercedes. There was a business case for the A-Class, and it has bee selling all the board directors are happy with it. It is not just one car there are many versions of the A 45, CLA 45 and the GLA 45. These give us the freedom to stretch further into the future, with the next generation. The new Mercedes-AMG A 45 is likely to follow the A-Class Mk4 which will be possible to develop in the market towards the end of 2018. The prices are expected to start off from around £45,000

Mercedes-AMG A 45 Rivals

The new Mercedes-AMG A 45 is coming in with more than 400bhp for the new AMG A 45. So with this new hot hatch, we need to look what its rivals are going to be in 2018. Some of the cars that the AMG is up against is the Audi RS 3. Which is the current power king with 394bhp. This has a 2.5 litre 5 cylinder turbo, with also Quattro AWD. Secondly, the Ford Focus RS is another rival. This has 345bhp. This is priced at over 30,000 and offers the most for your money. The all-wheel-drive included and a new drift mode.

Thirdly, is the Honda Civic Type R. This is the only front-wheel-drive car. Many people say it is the best car to drive. The engine is a 2litre turbo and produces 316bhp and over 400nm of torque. Finally, the last rival of the Mercedes-AMG A 45. Volkswagen Golf R400 with 394bhp. This is a victim of the Volkswagens dieselgate scandal. The gold R400 project increased in the effort to help dramatically cut the cost of the German brand.




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