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Inferno Exotic Car manufacturing starts in 2016

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  • December 16, 2015
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No other industry is as exciting and unpredictable as the motor industry. Every day some exciting news emerges. Whether it’s about an all-new vehicle or a manufacturer we all know, it doesn’t matter – no other industry is quite as unique as this one.
It’s always fun to see a brand new vehicle from an unknown manufacturer. The first vehicle they produce usually sets the tone for all their future models and lets the world know what exactly it is that the company is trying to achieve with its vehicles.
One of the most exciting vehicles that we have seen in a while is the extreme-looking Inferno Exotic Car.
Designed by Antonio Ferrarioli, a man responsible for designing certain components for Lamborghini, the vehicle is truly one of a kind.
What makes the vehicle so special is the fact that its body is made out entirely out of zinc-aluminium-silver alloy also known as ‘metal foam’. It’s a stretchable material capable of stretching 100 times its original size.
Although the vehicle looks rather impressive and very unique, it could be a little too extreme for some. The futuristic look that it is going for won’t be to everyone’s taste.
Performance-wise, the vehicle is rather powerful as it is capable of reaching a top speed of 245 mph. That is available in a nice round 1,400bhp because of a twin-turbo V8. Inferno also attests the Exotic Vehicle produces 670 torques, but doesn’t specify a real unit. Clearly Top Gear would not be so poor using its measurement of twist.
Production of Inferno Exotic Car is expected to start next year and we couldn’t be more excited.
Is the vehicle going to do well? We are not sure however its unique appearance has definitely earned it its spot among the most extreme vehicles ever made.

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